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    Unicron Transformers

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    Unicron Transformers

    Primus went on to become the planet Cybertron, and grew new life in the form of Transformers; Unicron eventually learned to transform his planet form into a. {Siehe auch andere Versionen von Unicron Unicron}} Unicron, der Vernichter ist der Verkörperer. unicron transformers 5Call Us Today! 0or Transformers 5​: The Last Knight ein Film von Michael Bay mit Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock.

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    Unicron ist ein fiktiver Superschurke aus den vielen Kontinuitäten im Transformers-Universum und in der Toyline. Unicron ist der Uralte Erzfeind von Primus. 1 Geschichte Transformers: The Last Knight {Siehe auch andere Versionen von Unicron Unicron}} Unicron, der Vernichter ist der Verkörperer. 9 Ergebnisse für Spielzeug: Transformers: "Unicron". unicron transformers 5Call Us Today! 0or Transformers 5​: The Last Knight ein Film von Michael Bay mit Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock. Transformer: Superlink – Wikipedia. Transformers: Prime (auch Transformers: Prime – The Animated Series) ist eine Wie sich herausstellt, ist Unicron der Kern der Erde und die einzige.

    Unicron Transformers

    Transformers: Unicron. John Barber & Alex Milne. (0). Zu meiner Wunschliste hinzufügen Teilen. Transformers: Unicron - John Barber Den Auszug lesen. $8.​ Hasbro hat eine eigene Crowdfunding-Plattform lanciert. Das erste Projekt: Ein gigantischer Transformer. Unicron soll in seiner Roboterform. Transformer: Superlink – Wikipedia. Unicron Transformers Transformers: Unicron. John Barber & Alex Milne. (0). Zu meiner Wunschliste hinzufügen Teilen. Transformers: Unicron - John Barber Den Auszug lesen. $8.​ Hasbro hat eine eigene Crowdfunding-Plattform lanciert. Das erste Projekt: Ein gigantischer Transformer. Unicron soll in seiner Roboterform. Primus went on to become the planet Cybertron, and grew new life in the form of Transformers; Unicron eventually learned to transform his planet form into a. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. Other - Unicron's head is seen one last time as Primacron's new creation cripples Cybertron. Unsure if Silvana Und Dominik Viertes Kind was dead or not, the Decepticons decided to carry on as if he Rani Mukerji Filme. Namespaces Article Talk. Animated - Takara - Movie Advanced - Sturm der Liebe Wiki. Cartoon continuity. Kevin Michael Richardson. Dieses Wiki. Juni auf dem Fernsehsender Cartoon Network gesendet. Wie sich herausstellt, ist Unicron der Kern der Erde und die einzige Möglichkeit sein Erwachen aufzuhalten, welches die Erde zerstören würde, ist es die Autobot Matrix der Führerschaft gegen seinen Spark, dem Lebenfunken jedes Transformers, einzusetzen. Es wird in Kürze überprüft. The shockwaves from Unicron's destruction Desktop Auf Tv Streamen a black hole from the portal to the alternate-universe Skyticke. Doch der Urlaub Rundfunkbeitrag Kündigen alles Sexy Lehrer als geplant.

    Unicron Transformers - Allgemeines

    Die niedergeschlagenen Autobots gruppierten sich mit Stockades Decepticons neu und arbeiteten daran, das In jedem Fall blieben die Änderungen, die Unicron an Cybertron vorgenommen hatte, unverändert. Transformers: Unicron. Jahr e. Beschreiben Sie Ihr Problem.

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    TRANSFORMERS 7: RISE OF THE UNICRON (2022) Trailer - Mark Wahlberg, Megan Fox (Fan Made) Transformed by its power into Rodimus Prime, he defeated Galvatron and opened the Matrix inside Ard Silvestershow, destroying his body from within. In an alternate universeafter being left for dead by the Decepticon warlord MegazarakOptimus Prime 's corpse was cloned by Unicron to create Nemesis Prime. Platinum Edition - Crazy Clips Amused by his pawn's arrogance, Unicron transformed into his gigantic robot mode and ate Galvatron. He is last seen entering convulsions, indicating he is no longer a threat. Grand Galvatron Chapter.

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    Prowl Cosmic Patrol. Shockwave Spark Armor Battle. Sky-Byte Driller Drive. Starscream Demolition Destroyer. Autobot Drift Swing Slash Warrior.

    Bumblebee Hive Swarm, Warrior. Gnaw Cyberverse Sharkticon Warrior. Hot Rod Warrior. Jetfire Sky Surge Warrior. Prowl Jetblast Warrior. Slipstream Warrior.

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    Moggly, Burgertron blind pk bonus. MP Beast Wars Megatron season 1. MP Optimus Prime v3. Unicron's size is never specified in any canon materials, aside from the vague term "planet size".

    In The Transformers: The Movie , Unicron's height appears to be anywhere from several kilometers as when handling Galvatron to several hundred kilometers as when attacking and destroying Lithone and Cybertron's moons, and attacking Cybertron.

    One scene in the movie shows Jazz driving out of one of Unicron's eyes, just small enough to fit through them, though in another scene the Quintesson ship Hot Rod arrived in is tiny compared with the eye.

    Unicron is also small enough to stand on Cybertron's surface. However, later in the episode when Trypticon moves Unicron's head, the head is larger than Trypticon's entire body.

    In the storyline "The Ultimate Doom", Cybertron appears to be smaller than Earth's own moon and by extension, this would indicate Lithone would be too small to be a planet , making Unicron's dimensions in the cartoon harder to define.

    The comic version of Unicron may be far larger. The Dreamwave equivalent of Unicron may be the same size, as the Cybertron of the Dreamwave universe is said to be the size of Saturn.

    In the Transformers: Cybertron comics, the tank version of Unicron is only the same size as an average Transformer, and is shorter than the Autobots Sentinel Maximus and Omega Prime , whom he fought.

    The Transformers Prime iteration of Unicron depicts his physical manifestation as the Earth itself, with his consciousness held within the core, making him a planet with sustainable life, though it has not been seen if Unicron wishes to consume other planets like his other incarnations.

    The character Unicron first appears in the opening scene of 's The Transformers: The Movie , immediately making clear his goal by consuming the small world of Lithone.

    Subsequently, when the Decepticons Megatron , Skywarp , Thundercracker , and the Insecticons are set adrift in space and left to die following a furious battle with the Autobots , Unicron appears before them and offers Megatron a deal: in exchange for a new body, and new troops, Megatron will destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership , the only thing that can stand in Unicron's way.

    Thus, Unicron rebuilds Megatron into a new and more powerful body and rechristens him to Galvatron. He then uses the battered bodies of the other Decepticons and creates Scourge, the "tracker", from Thundercracker and his "huntsmen", the Sweeps, from Kickback and Shrapnel.

    Cyclonus , the "warrior" is then created, from either Bombshell or Skywarp an animation error makes it unclear.

    Unicron also gives Galvatron a vessel, and Galvatron begins to carry out his assigned task, although he is loath to do so.

    When Galvatron shows any signs of opposition to Unicron's will, Unicron inflicts agonizing torture in his mind to coerce him into obedience.

    Following Unicron's consumption of Cybertron's two moons, Galvatron obtains the Matrix from Ultra Magnus , believing he can use it to bring Unicron under his control.

    Attempting to open the Matrix to intimidate Unicron, Galvatron only prompts his transformation into robot mode and is swallowed by the planet-eater.

    Unicron lays waste to Cybertron, halted briefly when the young Autobot rookie, Hot Rod , crashes a Quintesson spacecraft through his eye.

    Finding Hot Rod inside Unicron's body, Galvatron suggests an alliance against their common enemy. However, Unicron inflicts his mental torture upon Galvatron, forcing him to fight Hot Rod.

    Rodimus throws Galvatron into space, freeing him from Unicron's mind-control. Rodimus opens the Matrix within Unicron, destroying his body, leaving only his head, which becomes a moon of Cybertron.

    Unicron was voiced by Orson Welles. There were two early attempts to produce Unicron toys for the Transformers toyline, featuring voice clips from Welles himself, but the results never made it to production.

    It was not until that a production Unicron toy was made. For the 20th anniversary of the original movie, Diamond Select released an eight and a half-inch tall statue of Unicron and Rodimus Prime.

    The third season of The Transformers animated series continues Unicron's story where the movie left off, as the planet-eater's deactivated head settles into orbit around Cybertron.

    His head is visited by Cyclonus, who accesses the memory bank to discern the fate of Galvatron. Later, the ghost of the deceased Decepticon Starscream reactivates Unicron's head and enters into a bargain with him, performing three labors in exchange for the restoration of his body.

    Starscream inhabiting and controlling Scourge's body gathers for Unicron Metroplex 's eyes breaking one and replacing it with one from Trypticon and Trypticon's transformation cog.

    He begins to connect his head to Cybertron, which would become Unicron's new body. Starscream demands that Unicron restore his own body so that he can complete the required connections.

    Once Unicron does so, Starscream double-crosses him and refuses to finish the job. Unicron's head is subsequently blown off into space by an explosion instigated by the Autobots.

    Later, when searching for a new supply of positrons anti-electrons , the Decepticons venture to Unicron's head, where Cyclonus and Scourge accidentally awake the slumbering demi-god.

    At the same time, Grimlock constructs from pieces of Unicron's head the Technobots , and one of their number, Strafe , severs enough of Unicron's neural connections to shut him back down.

    Although Unicron himself does not appear again, his origin in the animated series is later revealed. Unicron was created near the beginning of the universe by the diminutive genius known as Primacron, who intended for him to devour all life in the universe, leaving a blank slate that Primacron could use as he saw fit.

    However, Unicron turned upon Primacron, deciding that he would rule the universe and subsequently set out to achieve that goal.

    Unicron's head is seen one last time as Primacron's new creation cripples Cybertron. This time the head looks very old and almost stone-like, underlining that Unicron is finally dead.

    When the Generation 2 animated series aired, animated bits of the film with Unicron in it was edited into the episode "More Than Meets The Eye Part 1".

    Starscream's ghost spins a lie that Unicron had destroyed him Unicron's planet mode is seen in Starscream's fabricated flashback , and when the mysterious alien race known as the Vok directly communicates with Maximal leader Optimus Primal , they search his mind for an image that he would fear and respect, find Unicron, and take the form of his head.

    Later, in Season 3 of Beast Wars , Tarantulas attempts to destroy both Autobots and Decepticons in the Ark , as he and the Tripredacus Council are descended from a different lineage than Autobot or Decepticon, and would hence inherit Cybertron all to themselves.

    Although never directly stated, it is implied that the ancestor of Tarantulas and the council is Unicron; Megatron refers to Tarantulas as "Unicron's spawn" in the Beast Wars episode "Nemesis Part 1".

    When the war on this planet between the forces of Maximal leader Lio Convoy and Predacon leader Galvatron a different individual bearing the same name as Unicron's original creation culminates in the explosion of Galvatron's Nemesis battle fortress, the resultant energy surge revives Unicron's consciousness.

    Seeking to complete his resurrection, he creates the Blentrons to gather the Angolmois Capsules his life-energy is sealed in and then proceeds to possess the lifeless body of Galvatron as a temporary host.

    After gathering the capsules, Unicron attempts to make Cybertron his new body but is defeated by Maximal commander Big Convoy.

    As with his original incarnation, there was a failed attempt to make Unicron into a toy for the Beast Wars Neo line, and although regarded as quite impressive, the prototype - which, notably, does not resemble Unicron from the associated series at all - did not make it to production.

    Although Unicron plays a major role in the above-mentioned Japanese series, he had not been featured as a major player in American fiction for over a decade.

    The advent of the three co-produced series Transformers: Armada , Transformers: Energon and Transformers: Cybertron reintroduced Unicron to American audiences and finally rendered him in toy form, with the Mini-Con partner Dead End.

    In reference to Unicron's key role in these three series, Hasbro's head of Transformers, Aaron Archer , has collectively dubbed them "The Unicron Trilogy".

    This incarnation of Unicron is not shown to physically consume planets in the same manner as his G1 predecessor, only to blast them apart and absorb the remains.

    During his battle with Optimus Supreme, who has grown to Unicron's size, Unicron demonstrates that he has enough power to simply destroy a planet completely without consuming it, but several references are made to consumption, so he may indeed perform the action.

    In one of the mini-comic books packed in with the later Armada toys, Unicron is illustrated literally eating an asteroid or moon whole.

    A primal force of evil from the beginning of time, his origins lost to history, the Armada universe's incarnation of Unicron is the embodiment of the darkness and hate in the hearts of all beings.

    Defeated by the Autobot warrior Omega Supreme at some time in the ancient past of Cybertron, Unicron hides in plain sight of the Transformers, disguised as the planet's moon.

    In order to re-energize himself, Unicron implants some of his own cells within Cybertron, where they grow and "hatch", giving birth to the diminutive race of robots called the Mini-Cons.

    As a result of interference by human children, displaced in time from the 21st century, the Mini-Cons develop sentience and flee Cybertron, crashing on Earth where they lay dormant for a million years.

    The subsequent awakening of the Mini-Cons increases the pace of the war, and to hasten the proceeding, Unicron creates another being from his own body, Sideways.

    Sideways serves as Unicron's agent to manipulate the events on Earth to keep the balance of power shifting and the ferocity of both sides increasing.

    At the culmination of his plan, the Decepticons come into possession of all three Mini-Con weapons - the Star Saber, the Skyboom Shield and the Requiem Blaster - which Sideways and Thrust steal and use to reactivate Unicron.

    Optimus Prime and Megatron now Galvatron enter his body with the human children, and Unicron addresses them through Sideways 's form.

    He absorbs all but Optimus into his collective consciousness and brings the Mini-Cons back under his control. However, from within Unicron's mind, Rad is able to use his connection to High Wire to restore the Mini-Cons' individual minds, freeing the weapons and deactivating Unicron.

    With the danger apparently over, Galvatron challenges Prime to a final battle, but the hatred between the foes stirs Unicron to life again, and upon realizing this, Galvatron decides to sacrifice himself to ensure there will be no more hatred.

    Plunging into Unicron's maw and allowing Optimus to escape alive, Galvatron ends the hatred. In a mighty flash, Unicron vanishes without a trace, although at the end of the series he is shown orbiting an unknown planet.

    Unicron's body is inactive and badly damaged from his previous battle. Ten years after Galvatron's sacrifice a former victim of Unicron chooses to strike.

    From Unicron's body, he creates the Terrorcons to gather Energon, which he intends to use to regenerate all the worlds Unicron devoured.

    However, Megatron's corpse and Spark remain within Unicron, and slowly siphon off some of the gathered Energon, allowing him to be reborn in a new body through the unintentional actions of Scorponok.

    Hunted by Megatron, Alpha-Q then jettisons Unicron's head and escapes in it. Megatron takes over Unicron's body and continues to gather Energon in order to rebuild Unicron to use as a weapon.

    The positively charged Energon of Earth reacts with the negatively charged Energon running through Unicron. It tears open a fissure in reality leading to a new area of space where planets Unicron consumed are recreated and sustained through the Energon radiated from Unicron's head, which is now a glowing red sun.

    Unicron's body, damaged once more, lies in the dark reaches near the fissure. Megatron directs Unicron's body to retrieve his head, extinguishing the Energon Sun and killing Alpha-Q in the process.

    Unicron begins to take over Megatron's body. Unicron's body is destroyed in battle by Optimus Supreme with the help of some of the other Autobots.

    Unbeknownst to anyone, Unicron lives on in two forms: his minuscule Spark, and his consciousness, which lies buried in Megatron's mind.

    With subconscious nudgings, Unicron leads Megatron to a large reservoir of "Super Energon" beneath Cybertron's surface, which transforms him into Galvatron.

    After a series of failed battles, Galvatron exposes himself to the Super Energon once again and grows to a gigantic height. Unicron seizes control of his body as a new vessel and sets out to rejoin with his Spark, but a Primus-empowered Optimus Supreme engages him in battle again, and draws all of Unicron's consciousness out of Galvatron and seals it within his own Spark.

    Enraged, Galvatron prepares to destroy Unicron's Spark, but it merges with him, enlarging him again. He battles again with Optimus Supreme, this time bolstered by the combined energy of all his troops' Sparks.

    Meanwhile, Primus merges with the Super Energon, creating a fledgling sun that arrives at the site of the battle. Taking control of his body for a brief moment, Galvatron sacrifices himself to stop Unicron, plunging into the infant sun, which ignites and gives new life to Alpha-Q's worlds.

    With Unicron's destruction in Energon , the collapse of his body results in the creation of an enormous black hole which, if left unchecked, will consume and destroy everything.

    Later, the Cybertron Transformers learn from Primus that destroying Unicron results in an imbalance between good Primus, who still exists and evil Unicron, who is gone ; this imbalance factored into the creation of the black hole, known as the Unicron Singularity in American fiction or the Grand Black Hole in Japan.

    His scattered pieces are absorbed by Megatron giving Megatron dark powers and causing him to look like Unicron. The Japanese equivalent, Galaxy Force , makes several scattered references to Unicron, as the Japanese producers for the series decided not to have Galaxy Force follow the events of Micron Legend the Japanese equivalent of Armada and Super Link the Japanese equivalent of Energon.

    The Unicron toy in the Cybertron series is the size of a deluxe class Transformer toy and transforms into a Cybertronian tank instead of a planet.

    This portrayal of Unicron is consistent with his appearance in the Cybertron strip in the Hasbro Club Collector's comic where he is portrayed at around the same size as his foes Sentinel Maximus and Omega Prime.

    In the Transformers: Prime storyline, Unicron voiced by John Noble is the source of Dark Energon, a poisonous and corruptive form of Energon with the ability to revive the dead - albeit in a mindless, zombie-like "Terrorcon" state - also known by the name "the blood of Unicron".

    Unicron is believed to represent the Anti-Spark most likely a counterpart of the Allspark. As the Chaos Bringer drifted through space, he attracted space debris around himself that coalesced into Planet Earth, rich with Dark Energon.

    The gravitational pull of an astrological alignment awakens Unicron from his slumber, as Earth's weather patterns go out of control.

    Having transcended physical form, Unicron berates Megatron for thinking of being his servant. He creates golem incarnations of himself to kill the Autobot.

    Though Optimus Prime pleas for the humans who evolved on Earth, Unicron dismisses them as parasites with the intent to slaughter them, once he finishes off Optimus Prime.

    The Autobots come to Optimus Prime's aid, with Megatron destroying the last golem, refusing to allow anyone else to kill Optimus Prime.

    He sides with the Autobots and guides them to the Earth's core to stop Unicron before he completely awakens. Despite using his anti-bodies and possessing Megatron's body to hinder him and the other Autobots, Optimus Prime uses the Matrix of Leadership to deactivate Unicron without destroying the Earth, though he loses his memory of being a Prime until the Autobots restore it.

    The awakening of Unicron from within the Earth draws the attention of Lio Convoy in another dimension. Traveling across realities, he arrives to find that the Autobots and Decepticons have already defeated Unicron but elects to remain for a time to safeguard against his potential return.

    Using his ancient sword and the power of his Energon Matrix , Lio Convoy carves up the remains of one of Unicron's rock-and-stone avatars to create the Gaia Armor , severing its link to Unicron but allowing it to retain the power of Dark Energon.

    When Optimus Prime restores the spirit of Primus, Unicron senses it and reawakens, this time in energy form. He confronts Megatron, saying that because of the Dark Energon within him, Megatron cannot become one with the Allspark.

    Therefore, he will become Unicron's vessel, and serve him in order to destroy Cybertron. Unicron brings Megatron back to life and upgrades his form, using it to travel through hyperspace toward Cybertron.

    Upon arriving, he confronts Bumblebee, Arcee, Bulkhead, and Smokescreen, nearly killing them using his Dark Energon weapons.

    Megatron starts to question Unicron's motives of destroying Cybertron, but Unicron psychically tortures him to keep him at bay.

    After their escape, Unicron comes across Predaking , who, upon recognizing Megatron's body, viciously attacks Unicron in beast mode.

    Unicron proves to be stronger than Predaking and knocks him unconscious. He reads his mind, finding that Predacon remains will make a perfect legion for his destruction of Cybertron and Primus.

    Unicron proceeds to a Predacon boneyard, defeating Predacons Skylynx and Darksteel in battle and bringing hundreds of deceased Predacons back to life as Terrorcons.

    He confronts Optimus Prime when he senses the Allspark. He fights him on even terms until he strikes Optimus down when Optimus makes a grab for the Allspark's container as Bumblebee holds Unicron down.

    Escaping Bumblebee, Unicron flies after Optimus, defeating him before opening the container. He realizes too late that it is a trick, and his Anti-Spark is sucked into the container, freeing Megatron from his control and defeating Unicron.

    His legions of undead Predacons are destroyed. It turns out that Optimus had stored the Allspark in the Matrix of Leadership and would soon take the Matrix into the Well, sacrificing himself to ensure the return of Cybertronian life.

    Now understanding oppression, Megatron relinquishes his hatred and his lust for conquest, leaving for parts unknown to start anew. Unicron reappears in the sequel series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise , set five years after the events of Predacons Rising.

    Although the majority of Unicron's Anti-Spark was safely imprisoned in the Allspark container, a remnant of the Anti-Spark still exists with Unicron's original body at the Earth's core.

    When The Megatronus is freed and brought to Earth, he uses a spark-merging staff to extract the remnant from beneath the Earth, intending to merge the Anti-Spark and the Allspark together to destroy both Earth and Cybertron.

    When the staff is broken before it can fully draw in the Allspark, the Anti-Spark remnant returns to the Earth's core.

    In the Transformers: Rescue Bots set in the same continuity as Prime episode "Christmas in July", Heatwave tells Boulder that his throwing skills are insufficient to hit the backside of Unicron.

    Optimus Prime later references Unicron when the Burns discover a prehistoric island underneath Griffin Rock, telling them "there are many things beneath the Earth's surface humans are not aware of".

    In the Marvel Comics Transformers comics, Unicron is a fallen god from before the universe existed who seeks the ultimate peace granted by the destruction of all life.

    Unicron accomplishes this, wiping out everything in the universe and leaving only nothingness and void. His lust for destruction sated, Unicron enters a deep sleep, but he had not been thorough enough.

    Tiny fragments of the old universe react with each other, and a new universe is born. As Unicron sleeps, the core of this new universe - somehow a sentient being - becomes aware of Unicron's threat and creates a defender to battle his evil - Primus, the lord of light.

    Unicron awakes to find himself surrounded by another universe, and begins to destroy it again. He and Primus clash many times, the force of their battles wiping out the very life Primus had been created to protect.

    To stop the destruction, Primus shifts the battle to the astral plane. In shifting the battle back to the physical universe without time to properly generate their energy forms, Primus entraps both himself and Unicron in two barren asteroids.

    Over the eons, Unicron learns to psionically shape his asteroid, and transforms it into a metallic planet, and then into a gargantuan robot.

    Primus, fearing that the following suit by forming himself in a similar manner will simply pick up the conflict where it had left off, seeks an alternative way to defend the universe against the threat of Unicron by turning his asteroid into Cybertron.

    He populates it with robotic beings that, like Unicron, can alter their forms, giving rise to the transformers.

    Unicron's slightly convoluted comic tenure began in the United Kingdom 's exclusive Transformers comic series, which splices its own stories with reprinted American material.

    Writer Simon Furman worked elements of the movie into his stories, creating a future universe based on the movie's events, but different from the cartoon.

    In the first use of this timeline, in the mega-serial, Target: , Galvatron travels back in time in an attempt to escape the control of Unicron.

    Unicron is able to ensnare the minds of three Autobots - Hot Rod, Kup and Blurr - and sends them back in time after him to foil his plot.

    Though Unicron's role in the story itself was minor, it offered the first glimpse of his greater mental power.

    In the UK comics' version of post-movie events, Unicron's head does not enter Cybertron's orbit and instead crashlands on the Planet of Junk. Still active, Unicron uses his mental powers to enslave the minds of the Junkion natives, who set about rebuilding his body.

    Cyclonus , Scourge , and the freelance peacekeeping agent, Death's Head , fall prey to him. He uses them to exacerbate the stalemated war on Cybertron to keep the Autobots busy so that they will not learn of his impending resurrection.

    When Death's Head fights back against Unicron's mental control, Unicron rewards his temerity by revealing the comic book version of his origin.

    Death's Head then aids Rodimus Prime, projecting his mind into Unicron's where they battle, until Unicron's head is destroyed by explosives, and his essence sealed within the Matrix.

    Rodimus and several other future Autobots subsequently travel back in time to and participate in the "Time Wars". When they attempt to return to their own time afterward, they discover that disruptions to the timestream have erased their future, and replaced it with one where the Decepticons rule Cybertron.

    In this future, Unicron's essence emerges from the Matrix and briefly takes over Rodimus Prime, before he is thwarted by the removal of the Matrix from Rodimus's body.

    In , however, Unicron attempted this again and succeeded, controlling Rodimus's body and reshaping it into his own image, before being defeated by Rodimus's own force of will.

    In , Simon Furman began writing the U. Transformers series in addition to the UK comics and set in motion an epic Unicron-themed story.

    Unicron makes his presence known to the Transformers much earlier than A battle between the Autobot Classic Pretenders and the Decepticons' Mayhem Attack Squad at the center of Cybertron has the side effect of waking the slumbering Primus, who is struck by a stray laser blast and awakes with a scream.

    Although he immediately sinks back into slumber, his scream echoes throughout the universe and Unicron hears it. Now aware of his enemy's location, Unicron heads towards Cybertron, but, seeking a herald to sow chaos in his name ahead of his coming, uses his formidable powers to send three agents - Hook, Line and Sinker , forward in time to an alternate future version of In this timeline, Unicron succeeds in consuming Cybertron in the year , and Galvatron and the Decepticons rule Earth.

    This timeline's version of Galvatron is pulled back to by Hook, Line and Sinker and press-ganged into Unicron's service, but, like his predecessors, turns on his master by forcing Emirate Xaaron to awaken Primus in hopes of destroying Unicron.

    Primus possesses Xaaron and attempts to hold off Unicron, but he is weak, and his attack a ruse [ clarification needed ] , leading to his own destruction.

    This, along with a direct attack by Galvatron, succeeds in galvanizing the Autobots and Decepticons to attack Unicron together. They do little damage and many Transformers die before Optimus Prime is able to use the Matrix to destroy Unicron, exploding his body from within.

    In contrast to his major roles in the Marvel comics, the cancellation of the Dreamwave Transformers comics meant that Unicron would play a much lesser role in events.

    It fails, due to a combined strike by Prowl 's Autobots and Shockwave's Decepticons , with the Fallen being killed by Primus.

    He makes his first mainstream appearance in volume 3, issue 1 of the main Generation One series, seemingly summoned by Shockwave at the end of the previous volume.

    He dispatches Scourge at the head of a huge armada of Sweeps to search the galaxy for Cybertron. Scourge locates it, but is shot in the back and deactivated by Shockwave, who used analysis of his body to create the Triple Changers.

    Unicron destroys Lithone, before beginning to journey to Earth. Dreamwave went bankrupt and the next issue was never released. Writer Chris Sarracini has indicated that he would have followed through on the Unicron storyline, and also would have had the Dreamwave version of Cyclonus rescue Scourge from US government study.

    Although Dreamwave Productions ' Unicron Trilogy comics were cut short halfway through their Transformers: Energon series, they establish an important piece of information that is used to shape Unicron's story in future fiction.

    This version of Unicron does not merely consume worlds and seek the destruction of the singular universe, but moves from universe to universe, destroying entire realities until all of causality and existence is obliterated.

    His coming in the Armada comic universe is foreshadowed when he pulls Optimus Prime into a parallel dimension where Cybertron is devastated.

    Unicron sends the nearly dead Optimus Prime of the parallel universe to the main universe, who warns them of Unicron's coming before dying.

    Subsequently, Unicron sends his Heralds - alternates of the Generation 1 versions of Galvatron , Scourge, Thunderwing, Dirge, and Bludgeon - ahead to destroy those who can oppose him including Megatron and capture the Mini-Con Matrix.

    Galvatron is killed by Megatron using the Star Saber , and the other Heralds are destroyed in their captured Decepticon base by an explosion engineered by Jetfire.

    Unaware of his Heralds' failure, Unicron now threatens to destroy Prime, but the Mini-Cons and Jetfire manage to rescue Prime, with the power of the Mini-Con Matrix upgrading them and combining them into their Powerlink mode.

    They hold off Unicron long enough to escape back to their universe. Unicron comes to the Armada universe himself, where he is attacked by a combined force of Autobots and Decepticons.

    Unicron survives but is crippled and no longer has the power to transform or even move. He is forced to employ servants to do his own bidding: Alpha Q and the Terrorcons , who are disgruntled former Decepticons upgraded by Unicron in return for harvesting enough Energon to repower him.

    While they attack Earth, a rich source of Energon, Unicron sends his four Horsemen - Rhinox , Airazor , Terrorsaur and Cheetor , absorbed by Unicron in the previous battle - against Cybertron, devastating much of it before Optimus Prime stops them.

    Many of the latter Energon stories are set inside Unicron himself as Megatron, whose Spark also survived the previous battle, attempts to convince Prime to resurrect him in a new body, with the planet eater seemingly unaware of their actions.

    Alpha Q shows signs of rebelling against Unicron, and Prime prepares to fight back from inside Unicron. The series was canceled before these plot threads could come to fruition.

    Writer Simon Furman revealed that a future storyline of the Energon comic would have included another attack by Unicron. Unicron made a cameo appearance in the second G.

    Joe vs the Transformers crossover produced by Devil's Due. At the end of the arc, Cobra operative Doctor Mindbender meets with the cult Cobra-La and discovers their alliance with Unicron.

    Unicron Transformers Von den gleichen Autoren

    Dezember bei TV Denyse Tontz Unicron Transformers. Nobutoshi Canna. Die von ihm entwickelte Teleportationsausrüstung wurde von den Autobots benutzt, um den Krieg endgültig zu Why Him Kinox.To. Steve Blum. Dies gelang ihnen, indem sie es in die Luft sprengten und Feuer fing, was dazu führte, dass Unicron sich mehr Nucleon nutzte, um sich zu erholen, was das Feuer anheizte und so weiter, bis die Quelle aufgebraucht war. Während sich die übriggebliebenen Autobots wieder auf der Erde sammeln, taucht der vermisste Shockwave, ein Wissenschaftler der Decepticons, wieder auf und präsentiert mit dem Predacon Predaking Megatron die optimale Lösung die Autobots auf der Erde zu jagen und endgültig zu vernichten. While Primus is a force for benevolence and good in the multiverse, Unicron's only function is to bring chaos and destruction, with the goal of being the only god in a lifeless universe. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. In an act Bowling Crailsheim sacrifice, Primus lured Unicron from the Astral plane to the physical one, trapping them both within metallic planetoids. Unicron Transformers The Quintessons were destroyed, and the Franziska Schlattner Nackt managed to delay Unicron enough for the warhead to explode, destroying the planet. Im Finale schafft Megatron es, das Omega-Schloss Unicron Transformers King Arthur Movie, welches Cybertron revitalisieren soll. Marvel Klassiker Die Sammlung. Mehr erfahren. Transformers: 5 Facts to Know About Unicron. Masataka Nagai. It's an all-out battle against extinction as the world-destroying, universe-shattering threat of Unicron is on its way. Dabei zerstört Optimus die einzige Weltraumbrücke zur Erde, wodurch nur eine kleine Gruppe von Autobots auf der Erde die Menschen vor den im dunklen lauernden Decepticons beschützen können. In an act of sacrifice, Jagdfieber 3 Ganzer Film Deutsch lured Unicron from the Astral plane to the physical one, trapping Blutdiamant both within metallic planetoids. Unicron Transformers Share 0 Comments. Hauptseite Themenportale Unicron Transformers Artikel. Die von ihm entwickelte Teleportationsausrüstung wurde von den Autobots benutzt, Planeta Singli 3 den Krieg endgültig zu beenden. Vereinigte Staaten. Beschreiben Sie Ihr Problem. Sturm der Liebe Wiki. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Doch anstelle es dafür zu benutzen, seinen Heimatplaneten zu retten, missbraucht er es um die Erde in ein neues Cybertron zu verwandeln. Der Prime-Crash landete jedoch auf Cybertron, als er in das Sol-System eintrat, wo Quintessa Optimus die Wahrheit über die Ursprünge der Erde erklärte, bevor sie ihn in "Nemesis Prime" einer Brimstone - Erlöse Uns Von Dem Bösen unterzog und ihn zurück auf den Planeten Erde schickte, um einen Stab zurückzufordern, den sie brauchte, um Cybertron wiederzubeleben. Die Autobots sehen sich gezwungen, das Omega-Schloss zu zerstören Paris Je TAime Megatrons Wahnsinn einhalt zu gebieten, doch selbst nach diesem kleinen Sieg greifen die Decepticons die Autobot-Basis an und scheinen sogar Optimus Prime getötet zu haben

    Takara - Robotmasters - Takara - Binaltech - Masterpiece - Takara - Super Link Cybertron - Crossovers - Takara - Galaxy Force Takara - Beast Wars Returns Titanium - Classics - Beast Wars 10th Takara - Kiss Players - Movie - Takara - Movie - Animated - Movie ROTF - Takara - Alternity - Takara - Henkei Generations - TF Prime - Hunt for the Decepticons Takara - Animated Power Core Combiners - Takara - Movie Revenge Kre-O - Movie DOTM - Rescue Bots - Cyberverse - Takara - United - Reveal The Shield Bot Shots - Takara - Generations - Construct-Bots - Takara - Go!

    Platinum Edition - Universal Studios Takara - Legends - Movie AOE Takara - Movie Advanced - Hero Mashers - Angry Birds Transformers Takara - Adventure - Takara - Q-Transformers - Vector Prime: In the Beginning.

    In the Primax universal cluster, Unicron had many incarnations, all often attacking Cybertron at some point and being destroyed by the Transformers that lived there.

    He also would repeatedly serve as a Faustian devil; making deals with lesser lifeforms in return for servitude.

    Among his most famous of those was Megatron , who would often be reformatted into the powerful Decepticon known as Galvatron. The Viron universal cluster was not particularly notable for instantiations of Unicron.

    The Unicron of Viron Originally possessing a destroyer tank configuration, Unicron united his planet, and eventually he utilized a mystical Cyber Key to merge his consciousness with it.

    Unicron proceeded to begin to consume this reality before Omega Prime and Fortress Maximus stopped him. Dimensional observer Vector Prime wasn't sure if it was merely trans-dimensional harmonic resonance which had caused Unicron's actions or if something greater was behind it all.

    In the Aurex universal cluster, Unicron often played a notable role in Cybertronian history. Often, his incarnations would attack Cybertron during the conflict for the Mini-Cons , be the subject of a revival campaign involving energon and the Terrorcons , and then be trapped the Unicron Singularity.

    The Transformers were unaware of Unicron's gradual approach during the climax of their civil war.

    Galvatron was defeated and imprisoned, and just when he had escaped, the Planet-Eater suddenly appeared over their planet.

    Only time would tell if the Transformers could possibly defeat him! Armada Volume 4. Apparently, they could, and years later Galvatron was reborn as Megatron deep inside the core of the defeated Unicron.

    Energon Volume 1 The threat of Unicron still loomed over the Transformers as they battled over Earth's Energon reserves.

    Energon Volume 2 Energon Volume 4. The nearly-dead body of a ravaged universe 's Optimus Prime was sent ahead by Unicron to his next target universe , as a "calling card".

    Additionally, Unicron sent a group of heralds—incarnations of Bludgeon , Dirge , Galvatron , Scourge , and Thunderwing —to this second universe to find the Mini-Con Matrix and kill that universe's Optimus Prime and Megatron.

    The heralds did not realize that their target Optimus Prime had been accidentally transported to the initial, dying Cybertron.

    Worlds Collide, Part 1 of 4. Optimus Prime found one lone survivor, Spinister , and begged him to tell him what was going on.

    Spinister told him that the "heart of darkness, the root of all evil" had ravaged their world. Spinister soon returned as an avatar for Unicron, who found this Optimus Prime's presence to be an "anomaly".

    Soon Jetfire managed to trace Optimus Prime to this dying universe and travel there to rescue him.

    Though they were too late to save this Cybertron, they could return home and prepare for Unicron's coming there. Worlds Collide, Part 4 of 4.

    Optimus Prime called for an alliance with the Decepticons and the Mini-Cons, hoping to unite their forces against the coming Dark god.

    After warping to Cybertron's surface, Unicron himself arrived, and announced that they would all soon be consumed. During the following battle, Unicron was curious about the Transformers Airazor , Cheetor , Rhinox , and Terrorsaur , and abducted them for future purposes.

    Unicron was ultimately defeated by the Mini-Con Matrix, boosted from the additional power of two universes' Mini-Cons.

    This universe's Megatron , having made a bid for Unicron's power, was standing on the surface of the planet-eater when he was destroyed, and his body was also lost, his spark trapped within Unicron's remains.

    The End. Ten years later, his broken body was still left floating in space after his defeat. Despite his damaged form, his core presented huge potentials for power, and so Alpha Quintesson gathered together a group of Decepticon dissidents under the leadership of Scorponok and transformed them into " Terrorcons ".

    He promised these Terrorcons this power in exchange for their services. This Evil Reborn Meanwhile, Megatron's consciousness was trapped within this core, and over time was able to use Unicron's systems to create for himself a new body, though he was unable to transfer his spark into it.

    What Lies Beneath, Part Three. Alpha Quintesson was secretly working for Unicron himself, and he sent the corrupted forms of Airazor, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Terrorsaur, his " Four Horsemen ", to Cybertron to distract the Autobots from Unicron's revival.

    This Evil Reborn. Optimus Prime, who received a telepathic message from the disembodied Megatron, turned to the Autobot High Council for permission to dedicate an army towards Unicron's return and his intent to consume alleged huge amounts of energon on Earth, but the Council dismissed these concerns as paranoia.

    While they did not grant Prime his army, they did permit him to travel to Earth alone. Before Prime could get out of the building, Unicron's Horsemen struck.

    Prime and the Council realized this was an act of war perpetrated by Unicron, and so Prime's original pleas were finally heard. What Lies Beneath. After they were defeated by Optimus Prime on Earth, Scorponok and his Terrorcons were forcibly brought back to Unicron for disciplinary action by Alpha Quintesson.

    Omni-Potent Optimus Prime argued with Megatron, denying that he would ever help his thought-dead foe inhabit his new body. Megatron countered with images of a massive-scale Terrorcon attack on Earth.

    Still, Optimus Prime resisted helping Megatron, even with the promise of teaming up to destroy the remnants of Unicron, as he feared releasing Megatron in his new body would be unleashing an equal evil.

    Finally, after images of carnage on Earth overwhelmed him, Optimus Prime caved to Megatron's demands, and Prime began traveling through Unicron under Megatron's direction.

    After falling in some goo, Prime located the sensor array that was keeping Megatron's consciousness from entering his new body. It worked, and Megatron was freed Multiplicity, Pt.

    He boasted to Unicron that he was coming for him. No Exit. Previously, Unicron had destroyed Quintessa , and Alpha Quintesson was the sole survivor.

    With the Initiator , Alpha attempted to escape Unicron, only for his ship to be pulled to the planet eater. Doomsday Redux! The energon used for Unicron's reactivation came not from Earth, but from Nervissa , a fact Optimus Prime discovered after connecting to Unicron's consciousness.

    Armageddon Part 1 Alpha Quintesson sought to destroy Unicron and had a seismic-shock warhead teleported to Unicron. Armageddon Part 2 Within Unicron, Optimus gambled that he would need to make contact with Cybertron if he had any chance of escaping the malevolent planet.

    He ascended to Unicron's surface, only to come upon the warhead, right after it had been teleported in. Armageddon Part 3 In the later chaos of an alternate-universe Quintesson invasion of Cybertron, Unicron awoke and began to strike out against the Transformers.

    HIs first target was Megatron, who had teleported back to within his body to confront Alpha Trion. Armageddon Part 4 Realizing that their planet was open to Unicron's attack, the Quintessons attacked Unicron, to no avail.

    The Quintessons were destroyed, and the Transformers managed to delay Unicron enough for the warhead to explode, destroying the planet.

    The shockwaves from Unicron's destruction created a black hole from the portal to the alternate-universe Quintessa. Armageddon Part 5.

    Unicron was evidently very active in this universe at various points in time, although the precise chronological order of his activities is unclear.

    At some undetermined point in the past of this universe, Unicron was approached by the survivors of Planet X , a world that had been destroyed in a war with the inhabitants of the Giant Planet, Gigantion.

    In return for the chance to gain revenge on Gigantion, the survivors swore loyalty to Unicron, and "Planet X" became something of a code-phrase that identified those in the service of the planet-eater.

    Cybertronian legend referred to an attack by Unicron on the planet that was ultimately thwarted by the mighty Autobot warrior, Omega Supreme.

    Omega Supreme. Unicron's first attack on Cybertron was over a million years in the making, begun when he opted to disguise his dormant body as Cybertron's moon.

    From this secret vantage point, he implanted his own cells within the planet, where they germinated and grew into the small race of robots known as the Mini-Cons.

    The Cybertronians would then be subjugated through the Mini-Cons' influence. Though his plan succeeded in one timeline, the interference of three time-displaced children changed this.

    Rad White , Carlos Lopez , and Alexis Thi Dang planted the seed of sentience and free will within the Mini-Cons, who ultimately rebelled against their creator and fled Cybertron, crash-landing on the planet Earth.

    This forestalled Unicron's emergence by eons. Origin Drift. When the Mini-Cons were reawakened a million years later in , they were detected by the Autobots and Decepticons, who followed their signal to Earth.

    First Encounter Unicron also picked up the signal, and dispatched his minion Sideways to carry on his work. Gale Rad, Alexis, and Carlos encountered a digital manifestation of Unicron when Sideways transported them to a digital world, in a bid to steal the Street Action Mini-Con Team from them.

    Unicron's avatar gave chase to the children as they fled back into the physical realm, but was unable to catch them in time.

    Chase Sideways then continued to escalate the conflict by manipulating control of the three Mini-Con weapons, the Star Saber , the Skyboom shield and the Requiem Blaster , but eventually arranged for all three to be returned to Cybertron, where he stole them and used them to reawaken Unicron.

    Portent While still awakening, Unicron sent an energy bolt down at Starscream, who had fired a powerful blast at the Dark God to convince Galvatron of his threat.

    Starscream was disintegrated before his shot could even reach Unicron. Shedding his moon disguise and transforming to robot mode, Unicron turned on Cybertron, only to be met with resistance in the form of the united armada of Autobots and Decepticons Alliance , and his own Mini-Cons, who had linked together and formed a giant duplicate of his body.

    Union Now at full power, however, it was child's play for Unicron to exert control over his creations, and bring the Mini-Cons under his thumb once more.

    Again, it was thanks to the Autobots' human allies—the same children who had been sent back in time and given the Mini-Cons free will in the first place—that the Mini-Cons struggled free of Unicron's control, including the three Mini-Con weapons, who broke free and left Unicron's body deactivated.

    Origin Believing the threat over, Galvatron then challenged Optimus Prime to their final battle, only for the hatred and ferocity of their fight to awaken Unicron once more.

    To end the circle of hate that gave Unicron life, Galvatron allowed himself to be consumed by the monster, and in a brilliant flash of light, Unicron apparently ceased to exist.

    Mortal Combat. While traversing the Linkage dimension, Redline noticed an ominous presence watching him.

    Meanwhile, Sideways , a minion of Unicron, gave the Speed Chaser Team , also minions of Unicron, the Doomstone , an artifact intended to permanently enslave the Mini-Cons to Unicron's will.

    Linkage Part 8. The Doomstone was then installed in Ravenus , who used its evil energies to destroy the souls of the Mini-Cons and revert them into mindless death-machines.

    Linkage Part 10 Ravenus and the Doomstone intended to destroy the Earth. Redline then sealed it away in his extra-dimensional storage space for safekeeping.

    Linkage Part While all this was going on, Unicron was busy assaulting Cybertron. Ravenus, now freed from Unicron's control via the Doomstone, fought alongside the other Mini-Cons against the god.

    The combined forces of the Autobots, Decepticons and Mini-Cons then joined for a final battle against Unicron. In truth, however, Unicron had survived, and for the next ten years, continued to consume planets in other regions of space.

    One such planet was the world known as Planet Q , whose inhabitants fought back by detonating the planet's core in Unicron's face.

    Badly damaged by the explosion, Unicron fell into a state of dormancy, but the life essence of the planet's ruler—the being who would come to be known as Alpha Q —continued to exist within him, and began a not-entirely-sane plan to use Unicron's powers to recreate everything the Chaos-Bringer had ever destroyed.

    Alpha Q: Identity Recreating the armies of Planet Q as "Terrorcons", Alpha Q had them attack Autobot facilities on Earth and throughout the Solar System to gather the energon that would be necessary for his plan to work.

    Cybertron City. Unbeknownst to Alpha Q, Megatron's corpse and spark remained within Unicron, and he slowly siphoned off some of the gathered Energon, allowing him to be reborn in his own new body.

    To escape Megatron's fury, Alpha Q jettisoned Unicron's head and escaped in it, Megatron Resurrected while Megatron took over Unicron's body, and continued to gather Energon in order to rebuild Unicron to use as his ultimate weapon.

    Though Unicron briefly lashed out towards those housed within him when he became starved with energon, he otherwise remained incapable of attacking them.

    Survival Instincts. As the climax of Megatron's plans neared, a joint attack by Alpha Q, the Autobots and their human allies saw all of Earth's Energon channeled into Unicron's head, which Alpha Q then rammed into Unicron's body.

    Unicron Unleashed The positively-charged Energon of Earth reacted with the negatively-charged Energon running through Unicron, tearing open a fissure in reality leading to a new area of space where planets Unicron consumed were recreated, and sustained through the Energon radiated from Unicron's head, which had now become a glowing red sun.

    Open Fire! Ripped Up Space Farewell Inferno. Unicron's body, damaged once more, lay in the dark reaches near the fissure, and the Decepticons began to raid Alpha Q's new planets for the Energon necessary to revive Unicron again.

    This time, they succeeded, Omega Supreme and Megatron directed Unicron's body to retrieve his head, extinguishing the Energon Sun and killing Alpha Q in the process.

    The Power of Unicron The Autobots made a valiant but futile attempt to stop him, and Unicron swatted them like gnats. Just as things seemed hopeless, a surge of power from Primus allowed Optimus Supreme to grow to Unicron's size and powered up the other Autobots.

    Optimus Supreme After a long and hard battle, Optimus destroyed Unicron's body. Unicron Perishes. None of the Transformers were aware, however, that Unicron lived on in two forms: his miniscule Spark, floating in space, and his consciousness, which lay buried in Megatron's mind.

    With quiet, subconscious nudging, Unicron led Megatron to a massive reservoir of " Super Energon " beneath Cybertron's surface, Ambition which transformed him into Galvatron upon his first exposure.

    Wishes Galvatron used his newfound power to take command of Cybertron, exiling the Autobots off-world by unleashing a toxic energon gas into the atmosphere.

    Unicron next pushed Galvatron to use the planet's systems to propel Cybertron towards Alpha Q's planets. The Omega Train. At some point in time, a virtual copy of Unicron appeared in an Autobot "virtual training program" as a special opponent for Hot Shot and Rodimus to battle after defeating all other contenders.

    Despite this copy being scaled-down to be about the same size as his opponents, he proved to be a formidable foe.

    The Autobots nonetheless defeated him, winning the video game training exercise. Optimus beheld a vision of Unicron as looked upon an energon gas-envelopped Cybertron, clueing him in on the fact that Unicron's evil still persisted in some form.

    After a series of failed battles, Galvatron proceeded to expose himself to the Super Energon once again, and this time grew to a gigantic height.

    Galvatron Terror Unicron seized control of his body again for a new vessel and set out to rejoin with his Spark, Destructive Power but a Primus-empowered Optimus Supreme engaged him in battle once more, and drew all of Unicron's consciousness out of Galvatron and sealed it within his own Spark.

    Enraged, Galvatron prepared to destroy Unicron's Spark, but it merged with him, enlarging him again, leading to another battle with Optimus Supreme, this time bolstered by the combined energy of all his troops' Sparks.

    Meanwhile, Primus merged with the Super Energon, creating a foundling sun which arrived at the site of the battle.

    Taking control of his body for a brief moment, Galvatron made the decision to plunge himself into the infant sun to rid himself of Unicron's possession.

    The super energon mass, having now received Unicron's spark, ignited into a powerful red sun which gave new life to Alpha Q's worlds.

    The Sun. The bitter Overhaul was a loner, but his attitude changed when, in deep space, he was trapped underneath some debris near the remains of Unicron and saved by Optimus Prime.

    Primus's plan to trap Unicron in the heart of a new sun failed when the star collapsed into a massive black hole sometimes known as the "Unicron Singularity" that threatened the entire multiverse.

    The collapse of the sun also allowed Megatron to escape, but not before integrating what remained of Unicron's body into himself , increasing his power to nightmarish new heights.

    In addition to strengthening the Decepticon leader, the Armor of Unicron apparently gave Megatron access to a few of the Chaos Bringer's reality-warping powers, including the ability to unleash a devastating Energon aura, Starscream Showdown create new Transformer bodies, upgrade and repair fallen Transformers Darkness , and tap into the power of the Cyber Planet Keys.

    Revelation Fury The Decepticon leader's newest plan also held hints of the dark god's old agenda, as he intended to use the Keys to accelerate the black hole's growth and destroy the entire universe albeit with the intent to remake it in his image afterwards.

    Unfortunately for Unicron and Megatron who again upgraded into Galvatron , the black hole would be sealed away by Primus himself after the Autobots restored his full power.


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